Check out Nathan’s new novel: The Mark of Evanlor

“Til the Mark of Evanlor is found on every shore!” These words make little sense to 15-year-old Hathamar. In his mind, the members of the Resistance are fable-believing fools at best and dangerous disruptors of the peace at worst––ever enslaved by an ancient myth. But he and his 10-year-old sister, Anacara, are about to be chased (quite literally) into an epic journey that will bring them face to face with the Resistance, as well as with giant panthers, giant ravens, and just plain old giants, among other curious creatures and characters––a journey that will turn their world upside down in more ways than one.


Paperback coming soon!

Published by Nathan Cedarland

Child of God. Servant of Messiah. Husband of Julissa. Father of seven. Preacher and teacher. Lover of reading and writing. Amateur filmmaker. Blogs in Spanish at

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